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You’ve already heard the news—the number of men with low testosterone is reaching epidemic proportions. An astounding 1/3 of modern males are suffering from the side effects of low T, and that number is getting worse and worse every single year. But despite what your doctor told you, there is an answer. There is a way to take back control of your life.

Welcome to Based: Phoenix’s premier testosterone replacement clinic. We're committed to restoring men's testosterone levels back to normal and healthy ranges. The benefits of balanced T are truly life-changing—are you ready to reach your true potential and feel like the man you were destined to be?

Meet Dr. Jones

A true testosterone expert specializing in the testosterone replacement therapy for men.

Top of His Class

Dr. Jones graduated at the top of his class from Johns Hopkins University, won an award for cutting edge research into TRT, and later went on to become Chief Resident at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center for two straight years.

Men's Health Expert

Dr. Jones has more than 15 years of experience in male endocrinology, and has helped thousands of men just like you regain control of their lives through the power of testosterone replacement therapy.

TRT Patient

Dr. Jones knows the frustration of being unable to get help for low T...because he used to suffer from low testosterone, too. As a user of TRT himself, Dr. Jones is able to help and understand his patients in a way that many doctors just can’t.

Results Oriented

Dr. Jones has a proven track record of getting results. TRT is more than just hitting a specific number—it’s about looking better, thinking clearer, and feeling more confident. Dr. Jones focuses on what his patients want, not just what the lab charts say.

3 Testosterone Truths...

Truth #1

Male testosterone levels have been plummeting for 3 generations.

Truth #2

1 in 3 modern men have low testosterone and don't even know it.

Truth #3

Testosterone levels can completely tank after turning just 30 years old.

7 Sure Signs of Low T


Lack of Energy

With low T, you might feel like you’re permanently attached to your bed, couch or recliner. Low testosterone saps your energy, draining your battery and leaving you at 5% all day long. Low T makes it tougher to get out of bed in the morning, and makes you want (and even need) to take naps.


Decreased Life Enjoyment

Low testosterone can sap all the fun out of your favorite activities. Sports, hobbies, relationships, accomplishments at work, birthdays, nights out with the guys...everything becomes stale and unfulfilling. Unfortunately, many doctors will tell you that you’re just depressed with no explanation why.


Loss of Muscle and Fat Gain

Low testosterone is the bane of male physical health, often slowing, stopping, and even reversing gains you’ve made at the gym. Low testosterone makes it easy to gain fat and lose muscle—no matter how hard we work out or how well we eat—which is exactly the opposite of how we want our bodies to work.


Loss of Sex Drive (libido)

One of the most painful side effects of low T is loss of sex drive. Testosterone is what makes us men—what drives us to meet and date new women, and what causes us to want sex. With low T, men quickly find themselves losing interest in sex, even with women they’re attracted to.


Soft (or no) Erections

Even when men with low T desire sex, it can still be extremely difficult and frustrating because of an inability to get and maintain an erection. Low T creates a vicious circle where one night without an erection leads to self-doubt and performance anxiety, making your entire sex life completely unenjoyable.


Loss of Ambition

Men crave challenges and overcoming obstacles. But with low T, even the smallest inconvenience can seem insurmountable. Men suffering from low testosterone often find their life coming to a halt on multiple fronts, as everything from work, exercise and relationships becomes a miserable grind.


Depression & Anxiety

Testosterone helps to regulate your mood, so you can imagine how easy it is to fall into depression with low T—especially when combined with low T’s many other debilitating symptoms. And considering that so many doctors refuse (or don’t know how) to help sufferers of low T, it can feel like your situation is totally hopeless.

Treatment Options

There’s more than one way to boost your T levels

Patients Based

By men, for men.

Based is founded on the philosophy that the medical community’s understanding of male testosterone levels is fundamentally flawed.

The truth is that male health problems have been overlooked and ignored for decades—but that changes today. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to get help, and with us, you’ll never need to.

True Testosterone Experts.

Our doctors have been practicing as male endocrinology experts for years, some even for decades.

Our medical experts all realize the frustration of dealing with doctors who just don’t “get” low T, and we’re ready and willing to provide real treatments and get you real results now, not “someday.”

State-of-the-Art Facilities.

Our cutting-edge medical centers are fully equipped to handle all of our patients’ needs in-house, without waiting weeks for lab results.

Based is the streamlined, efficient healthcare you’ve always needed. Here, you can expect to wait less, get more one-on-one time with your doctor, and get the best treatment options to achieve a better, stronger, happier you.

Tom Thatcher

Tom came to Revive because he was experiencing depression. After some in depth testing it became clear why Tom's experience of life had gone downhill. Tom's TRT protocol transformed his life.

Chris Clements

Chris came to Revive because his gains at the gym were totally stagnating. After running his blood work, it was easy to see how low testosterone levels were shutting him down.

Greg Grady

Greg came to us because he just never wanted to be intimate with his wife, despite still feeling attracted to her. Based totally kickstarted his sex life with TRT and his wife loves it.

Men who fix their testosterone levels often report more energy, better enjoyment of life, more masculine bodies, supercharged libido and harder, more frequent erections, ambition through the roof, and their depression annihilated. These are just a few of the powerful benefits that come along with TRT and balanced testosterone levels. Don’t you owe it to yourself to feel incredible again?

Testosterone solutions start at just $250 a month!

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What is testosterone replacement therapy?

Safe, legal testosterone replacement therapy for men simply means replacing the testosterone your body should be making with testosterone from an outside source.

It's a continuing process that must be repeated regularly, since your body is no longer producing the T you need to feel 100%. To put it simply, TRT is how to get testosterone back to normal.

What is the best testosterone replacement therapy?

Testosterone replacement drugs range from injections to patches to gels, with each of which has its pros and cons. But the only way to know which low T medication is best for you is to meet with a skilled doctor and discuss your options.

Will testosterone replacement therapy build muscle?

Treatment for low testosterone alone won't cause you to gain huge muscles. However, with your newly balanced testosterone, there's nothing stopping you from making the gains you've always wanted at the gym.

What’s the testosterone replacement therapy injection dosage?

Although you and your needs are unique, testosterone replacement therapy should usually involve a weekly injection of at least 125 mg.

How long until testosterone replacement therapy works?

Low testosterone medications will almost immediately raise testosterone levels. After several weeks of treatment, you'll begin to adjust to the new (old) you, and begin noticing BIG changes.

What is bioidentical testosterone?

Bioidentical testosterone is simply a marketing term that's not even recognized by the FDA. It's a sales technique, nothing more.

How do I start testosterone replacement therapy?

That's simple—come in to see us, or another TRT specialist. (Whatever you do, don't just go buy testosterone online from from shady “pharmacy”).

Unfortunately, many general practitioners (and even a few endocrinologists) just don't get testosterone. Seeing a true test-specialist, finding out exactly how low your T levels are, and getting on the RIGHT treatment is your best shot at success.

It's also worth noting that low testosterone therapy is only prescribed to patients with diagnosed symptoms according to AMA standards.

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